Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some questions to give you the information about Horizon Manila that you need.

What is Horizon Manila?

Horizon Manila is a fully sustainable smart city that will cover 419 hectares, making it the largest reclamation project on Manila Bay. An extension of Manila and the revival of its legacy, it features 28 diverse and compact mixed-use communities that reflect the identity and character of the city.

Where will Horizon Manila be located?

The reclamation project will sit atop of the heart of Manila Bay, approximately 3 kilometers away from the shoreline.

Why invest in Horizon Manila instead of other reclamation projects?

  • Horizon Manila is strategically located 3km away from the shore, placing it outside the aerodrome of the CAAP. This means that there are practically no height restrictions in our development, allowing for more possibilities.
  • Out of all the reclamation projects, we are the “west-most”, thereby offering the best view of the famous Manila Bay sunset.
  • Our three island configuration plus the internal canal that bisects them ensure that all properties are close to the water. As seeking a sweeping view of the ocean is rooted in human nature, this makes the property even more special.

What are the benefits of this project to the city?

Horizon Manila will provide the modern Manileño with an innovative, sustainable, community-centric, inclusive smart city. Designed to encourage and empower healthy, balanced, refined living, the development is fully walkable and features a green plot ratio of 1:1, serving as a strong lung for Manila and its citizens.

Featuring 28 diverse and compact mixed-use communities that reflect the identity and character of the city, it is an inclusive development, carefully considering the needs of everyone, complete with provisions with persons for disabilities.

What is the timeline for development?

Mobilization, detailed engineering design and trial dredging began in Q1 2021, officially launching the development. In Q4, the reclamation process as well as the construction of the viaduct bisecting all three islands will begin.

By Q1 of 2022, the titling process for phase 1 of the first Island will start, followed by land sales in Q3, with the first batch of land titles available by Q4 2022.

For phase 2 of the first Island, the titling process will begin in Q1 of 2023, and land development for the island will commence in Q3 of the same year. The end of Q4 marks the completion of requirements from the Department of Human Settlements and the Urban Development Registration, as well as the securing of the License to Sell.

Land development of the first island will be completed by Q3 2024. At this point, lot owners can begin construction on their properties. However, they will be able to see and set foot on their land above water by Q2 2022.

Land development for Island 2 will begin in Q2 of 2024, and will be completed by Q2 of the following year.

Island 3 will be developed starting Q3 of 2026 and will be finished by Q3 of 2027, marking the completion of the development of Horizon Manila.

Are the permits complete?

Yes, we have all the required permits including Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) and Area Clearance from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Notices to Proceed from Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) and the City of Manila, and Letters of No Objection.

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