Central Station

Branching out from the Central Station, the trackless electric tram system loops around the entire development. Wherever you may stand on the island, you will not be more than a 5 minute walk away from a tram station. Each road is lined with trees, featuring 8m-wide sidewalks with 3m arcades that ensure you can comfortably walk in the shade or away from the rain.

This district also features a Library, and more publicly accessible centers for learning, leisure and recreation.

Point of Interest:

  • Horizon Central Station
  • Island 1 Library

Horizon Central Station

From the trackless electric tram system to city buses, The Central Station will be the hub where various types of transport converge and offer a convenient way to move around Horizon.

Featured Image

Island 1 Library

Learning is a cornerstone of progress. The Island 1 Library will aim to elevate the traditional bibliotheca to give young and old visitors alike the space to expand their spheres of knowledge.

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